A Brief Overview of Flipped Classrooms

Joseph (Joe) Petry, Ph.D., has 30 years of business advisory and financial consulting experience. Additionally, he has taught business and economics at Beijing Jiaotong University, NYU Stern School of Business, and John Carroll University. Joe Petry employed active learning and regularly relied upon the flipped classroom model.

A pedagogical approach to instruction, the flipped classroom method transforms the group learning space into an interactive environment where students are engaged in the subject matter and guided by the instructor in applying concepts. Students enjoy more interactive learning.

The concept seems simple, but a truly flipped classroom requires the instructor to make the classroom experience more individualized. Rather than teaching the entire group of students, they let each student move at their own pace as they experience a hands-on application of the material they are learning.

Flipping the classroom helps students excel by catering to struggling and busy students and facilitating individual learning styles. With this teaching method, students have more opportunities to interact with their teacher and review concepts until they understand them. Doing so aids in remembering and understanding, thus helping students better apply and evaluate what they learn in real-world situations.



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Joseph Petry

Joseph Petry

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An accomplished financial consultant with extensive experience, Joe enjoys partnering with clients in value creation strategy and implementation.