Joseph Petry

May 22, 2021

1 min read

Micro-Grants from the Community Foundation of East-Central Illinois

Joseph Petry has served as the principal business advisory consultant. Actively involved in his community, Joseph “Joe” Petry previously served as a board member with the Community Foundation of East-Central Illinois.

Committed to supporting and amplifying the efforts of local organizations, the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois manages and administers endowed funds. Since its creation in 1972, the foundation has accumulated nearly $27 million and has adapted its grantmaking strategies to make the most significant impact.

The foundation awards many micro-grants in the amount of up to $1,500 to allow organizations to send staff and board members to conferences or to pay for in-house training. Funded in collaboration with the Lumpkin Family Foundation, these micro-grants are strategic investments in education to improve management and leadership within an organization. Priority is given to organizations with less than $1 million annual budgets.