Three Birdwatching Etiquette Rules to Remember

Joseph (Joe) Petry, Ph.D., a consultant, and investment executive, has split his career between teaching economics and working in advisory capacities. In his free time, Joseph enjoys many outdoor activities, including birdwatching.

The following are three points of birdwatching etiquette to remember:

1. Reduce disturbance. Walking heavily through leaves or taking flash photography scares birds easily. For avid birdwatchers, this is why reducing disturbances is so essential. Keeping a safe distance from wildlife minimizes these disturbances and the likelihood of the birds taking flight.

2. Don’t trespass. Just because a birdwatcher is only looking at birds doesn’t mean they are free to roam on someone else’s property. If a bird flies to an area with clear “No Trespassing” signs, do not pursue it. Don’t go onto private property at all unless given permission from the property owner. Trespassing gives all birders a bad name.

3. Respect fellow nature enthusiasts. Each birder must demonstrate respect for their peers by freely sharing their bird observations and resolving unethical birding behavior displayed by others. This pertains to being respectful of other birders and campers, hikers, and others who are out on a trail.



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Joseph Petry

Joseph Petry

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An accomplished financial consultant with extensive experience, Joe enjoys partnering with clients in value creation strategy and implementation.